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Frequently Asked Questions about Health Insurance

1. Can I get individual health insurance coverage for my entire family?

Yes. Virginia Anthem Individual Health Plans are designed for the individual or family that does not have access to group healthcare coverage.

2. How soon will my coverage begin?

Your healthcare coverage can begin as early as the day your application is received by Anthem.

3. What if I am between jobs or just started a new job and am not yet eligible for my employer’s group health plan?

Our Short Option Health Coverage Plan is designed especially for your temporary health insurance needs. With 30, 60, 90, and 180 day plans, you are sure to find the best short term health plan to adequately meet your temporary need.

4. Can I insure my children without having coverage for myself?

Yes. Anthem policies do allow coverage for minor children without an adult on the policy.

5. Do I need a referral if I go to a specialist?

No, with Anthem’s PPO plans there are no gatekeepers and you never need a referral.

6. What is a PPO?

A PPO or Preferred Provider Organization gives you the freedom to choose your primary care or other physician from an extensive network of participating doctors and healthcare facilities allowing you to share in substantial cost-savings. You can even choose to receive your healthcare from an out-of-network provider; however, you will share more of the cost.

7. What is the difference between coinsurance and co-payment?

A co-payment or “co pay” is a fixed dollar amount a member pays for certain services such as doctor’s visits. Coinsurance is the percentage of total healthcare costs that the member generally pays for covered services.

8. Can I get dental insurance without getting health insurance?

Yes, unless you are age 65 or over. Individuals age 65 or over are eligible for the Anthem Dental Plan only if they are enrolled or will be enrolling in an Anthem Medicare Supplement Plan or an Anthem Federal Employee Program.

9. Do I have to file claims for the services I receive?

Generally, your healthcare provider will file most claims for you, freeing you from the time and hassle involved with filing your own claims.

10. Do the health plans have prescription drug coverage?

Yes, depending on the plan you choose name brands and/or generic prescriptions drugs will be covered.

11. Who do I contact if I have any questions while completing my application?

You can call and speak with one of our insurance specialists in the office. They will be happy to help you with any questions you have. They can explain the health care coverage you are looking at or answer specific questions on the application process.