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Where to find information on health insurance plans in Virginia

The state of Virginia has made some progress in various areas of health care recently. For example, its computer system has been updated and can now verify Medicaid eligibility easier. However, some experts feel the state is still lacking in some areas. They point to the fact that health insurance plans in Virginia aren't available to residents via exchanges where people can purchase affordable health coverage. In addition, when the new Affordable Care Act is fully implemented in 2014 the state could find itself short of doctors when thousands of people will have new insurance plans in hand.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation said that Virginia is one of the 10 states that are being tracked regarding a project that studies how various states are implementing federal health care reform provisions. The project mentions that a Virginia Health Reform Initiative is an important step as is an advisory council.

It's been reported that approximately 400,000 Virginians may be eligible for Medicaid coverage in 2014 if state officials decide to expand Medicaid. But even though the expansion of Medicaid is a key ingredient of the new health reform, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that it's up to the individual states to decide if they want to expand or not. Virginia could face a physician shortage if expansion is okayed since many health care providers don't participate in Medicaid as they feel it doesn't provide them with adequate pay.

This is believed to be an important issue in the southwestern and southern regions of the state since it's expected that Medicaid enrollment will increase by quite a bit here. If you'd like to be kept up to date with the Affordable Care Act and how it will effect health insurance plans in Virginia, please feel free to contact a licensed, independent insurance agency such as Insurance and Financial Services.

One of our agents can explain how the new rules and regulations will affect consumers and the health insurance companies. We can let you know what the obligations of the insurers will be and what your responsibilities are. By knowing how the health care reform will work, you'll be able to make an educated decision when it comes to purchasing health insurance plans in Virginia.

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