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Where to compare BCBS of VA health plans

BCBS of VA stands for Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Virginia, which is known as one of the most popular health insurance providers in the state. The company is designed to offer high-quality and comprehensive health insurance coverage to residents at affordable rates as well as top -class customer service.

BCBA of VA offers numerous types of health insurance coverage options for families, individuals, and groups etc. The company realizes that every consumer has unique and specific health care needs and it aims to meet them by providing customized health plans. Some of the most common health care plans available from the company include Basic BlueCare, Individual Basic KeyCare, Individual Essential KeyCare, Individual KeyCare Preferred, and the Individual KeyCare HSA plan.

The Basic BlueCare plan provides families and individuals with fee-for-service choices. The deductibles will vary according to the coinsurance payments. Members can either pay no coinsurance or 20 per cent coinsurance after they have met their deductibles. They can also add on additional insurance coverage such maternity, supplemental accident, and dental.

With the Individual Basic KeyCare plan, families and individuals belong to a PPO (preferred provider organization). In the PPO, members are allowed to visit any health care provider that belongs to the plan's network. The premiums are also lower than fee-for-service health plans. There are three different plans to choose from. These offer different levels of coinsurance payments, which are 0, 20, and 30 per cent and are payable after reaching the deductible.

If you have the Individual KeyCare Preferred plan you'll belong to a PPO in which you can also add riders on to the policy for increased insurance coverage. With the Individual Essential KeyCare plan you can choose a 30 or 40 per cent coinsurance after meeting the deductible. You can also choose from the plan's PPO health care providers. If you'd rather have a health savings account (HSA), you can join the Individual KeyCare HSA. This plan has lower premiums and higher deductibles and you can pay for your eligible medical bills with pre-tax dollars from the account. The interest earned in the account offers tax-deferred interest.

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