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There are several types of Group health insurance Virginia

While disability insurance is an ideal way for employees to protect themselves in case an injury and/or illness prevents them from working, it's also ideal for employers who are looking for some type of group health insurance Virginia. Many companies provide their workers with group disability insurance since it's an alternative to individual health plans and comes with several benefits.

If you're an employer and have between 10 and 499 employees, group disability insurance could be a good option. Many types of group disability plans will provide injured or sick workers with a certain percentage of their regular income up to a certain maximum amount.

You can offer employees insurance coverage for both long and short-term disabilities and can generally provide it without the need of medical evidence of insurability. This type of group health insurance Virginia can help you attract high-level employees and keep them. In addition, the insurance coverage is also tax deductible for the company.

Long term group disability insurance is attractive to employees since it provides monthly benefits to those who are partially or totally disabled by an illness or injury that's covered under the plan. There are several policies available which usually range in time. For instance, they could be two or five year plans while others may cover the members until they're 65 years old.

The percentage of income which the insurance plan will cover and the maximum amount will vary from plan to plan. This type of coverage is ideal for employees who may not be able to work again or have used up their short term plans and are absent from work for an extended period of time.

With short term group disability insurance, it typically provides weekly benefits to employees who aren't able to work because of things such as illness, injury, mental disorder, or pregnancy. The benefit period will also vary with most policies covering 26 weeks, but some offering up to a year. There's usually a waiting period of one to two weeks before the benefits start. The percentage of income coverage and maximum will also vary in a short term policy.

This type of group health insurance Virginia can be paid entirely by the employer or can be shared with the workers. There are several types of group disability and health insurance available and if you'd like more information on them please give us a call at Insurance and Financial Services by calling us at 1-866-748-4200. One of our independent, licensed agents can fill you in on all the details regarding group health insurance Virginia and all other types that are available.

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