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How to Apply for Health Insurance Virginia

When you find suitable health insurance Virginia that fulfils your medical and financial needs, you'll then have to fill in an application form before purchasing it. This is an important step when buying a health insurance plan, but at this point you need to realize that it is an application form not a legal agreement.

An application form for health insurance is typically quite thorough as it will ask several personal and health-related questions. For example, health insurance applications will ask you to questions regarding your gender, age, marital status, tobacco usage, your health history and current medical condition as well as present or former health coverage.

It's important that you answer these questions honestly. If you purposely enter incorrect information on an application form the insurance company can turn you down or cancel a current policy. Most health insurance providers will verify the information on your form by looking into your health records. In addition, the insurer may ask you to take a blood test and/or physical exam to help them examine your health condition.

After the application has been verified the insurance carrier will decide whether you qualify for a health care policy or not. If you're accepted for health insurance Virginia, the company will give you an official quote on the cost of it. Be aware that quotes given before an application form is completed are typically just estimates of the health plan's price.

If you agree to the price and would like the health policy you can then agree to it and commit to the coverage. You'll then be asked to fill in the required forms as well as a premium payment. Most health policies come with a free-look provision. This allows you to change the plan or cancel it within a specific time period, which is usually between 10 and 30 days.

Some people aren't sure what information they should put on an application form as they may not fully understand it. If you'd like free assistance with a health insurance form or anything else relating to health insurance Virginia, don't hesitate to give us a call at IFS Health Insurance and Financial Services at 1-866-748-4200.

One of our licensed agents will make sure your application form is properly filled out before sending it in. We specialize in helping businesses, families and individuals find the right health plan to match their unique needs. We are an independent agent for Anthem and will help locate the most affordable rates for your insurance requirements. You can also browse for free, online quotes by visiting