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How navigators can help with Virginia individual health insurance plans

For those residents with Virginia individual health insurance, they may find they can receive health care help from professionals who are guiding people through the costly and sometimes complicated American health care system. These health care specialists are called patient navigators, medical consultants, and health advocates. You'll find an agency known as Patient Navigator, in the community of Vienna, Virginia, which is a medical-advocacy company.

The firm belongs to the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants. This organization was born in 2009 and counts approximately 200 health care professionals as members. There are several other types of organizations that offer similar services for free as non-profits. In addition, help with health care and insurance can also be found in some clinics and hospitals and it's also provided by numerous employers and health insurance carriers.

One of the new laws that will be brought in with the Affordable Care Act states that state and federal-sponsored health-insurance exchanges have to provide the public with navigators who will help residents and businesses to evaluate health plans and enrol in them. People who have already used the services of navigators claim that they help to research medical specialists, appeal claims that have been rejected, and secure quicker doctor appointments among other things. Many Senior citizens feel the services are very valuable as they believe Medicare can be quite complicated.

The services that these companies provide generally vary from firm to firm. For instance, some of them may focus on helping people such as cancer patients or recipients of Medicare. Some of the navigators possess degrees in medicine, nursing, or social work, but there isn't any specific training required. If the navigator charges for their services it's as good idea to see what type of background they have and how much the fees are.

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